Tuesday, 2 September 2014


'Population growth can't be the economic driver...'
                                                                                                                                                      Quote from the email

At the penultimate pre-launch meeting of the 'Not the State Media!' team we agreed that all three of us were pretty well placed to comment on the concept of party politics and the claimed alternative of an 'alliance'. Not just the positives either but the negatives too.  NTSM! lead-writer Trevor could point to his having actually been the Chairman of the very first political party - the Jersey Democratic Alliance (JDA) - ever to be registered in the Island back in 2008. Media insider Hacked-Off had regularly reported on the development. Something that was then a wholly new phenomenon to the Island's electorate - at least if you hadn't happened to have been around back in the aftermath of the Nazi Occupation. And Stella, in hailing from the UK mainland, obviously comes from a jurisdiction where party's getting voted in and out of government - and all that goes on in between - was the accepted norm.

All of which made the copy of a deliberately leaked secret political email originating from Deputy John Young and circulated between nine sitting States Members (for the record two Senators and seven Deputies) now lying on the table before us just a few weeks away from Jersey's 2014 election interesting to say the least. So much so in fact that we ultimately decided to revert back to what its contents now confirmed to us as being hard fact as our first 'Not The States Media!' story. The authenticity of the email after all was undeniable. It was even within our Power to identify which one of the nine would be 'colleagues' had seen fit to callously betray their fledgling alliance by leaking it to a third party: his name was on the top as the recipient who had printed it off. A betrayal we would suggest which may actually form a part of a wider plot.

'Don't use the word democratic'
                                                                                                            Quote from the email

For the potential implications on the bigger political picture of a new alliance against the elite group who have led Jersey into the cul de sac of an unsustainable mono-culture - if it could be made to work - are clearly significant. Though not a one of us viewed an 'alliance' as offering the same long-term benefits of political accountability inherent in a bona-fide party we all agreed that in a jurisdiction as fragmented by democratic deficit as Jersey a truly inclusive opposition alliance structured around half-a-dozen key, shared principles could be the first step to true and meaningful political reform. The reasons for this are obvious. In a society where  a sold out mainstream media (MSM) has portrayed all things party political as the very spawn of Satan for decades in order to help maintain the Establishment status-quo; a coherent political alliance - or even better a still political Movement - could allow two hugely important developments with potential to dispel the age old propaganda for what genuinely informed commenators know it to be.

Firstly' trial candidate commitment without fear of having to sign up to a whole ideology-based party manifesto package. And secondly, large-scale 'toe-in-the-water' investigation by a similarly cautious voting public. Sadly the identities of those States Members involved and - perhaps even more so - those 'opposition' figures we know to be excluded reveal this particular 'alliance' to instead be more likely to play straight into the hands of the very Establishment figure whose ideals and Neo-Feudal political 'vision' would erode Jersey's community cohesion; its dysfunctional machinery of government - and most certainly its potential for finally installing an honest and accountable justice system ever further: the driver of us becoming an 'Independent' Tax Haven Senator Sir Philip Bailhache. Quoting directly from the email we will show you why.

'Simple message: THERE IS ANOTHER WAY'
                                                                                                                                      Quote from email

It must of course be acknowledged that to even see senior States Members from as polarised ends of the political spectrum as Senator Sarah Ferguson and Deputy Rob Duhamel talking about shared common ground is without doubt a positive development in itself. Similarly positive statements can also be made of some of the policy principles outlined in the email. Not least to this regard is the view - long voiced by the Progressive Left - that we desperately need to 'deal with population growth' and that this 'can't be the economic driver model' pursued so obsessively under Senator Ozouf. Equally so bringing about 'sustainable public finance' whilst tackling the 'divided society'. The disappointing thing here however is that in highlighting these examples and the strident 'There is another way' message there appears no indication of simultaneously facing up to issues that then cannot but help arise as consequences. Something the Left has always done no matter how uncomfortable the thought: and which to its credit the latest collective incarnation of it - Reform Jersey* - is acknowledging again.

For instance much as those who would attempt to rehabilitate the 'Greed is Great!' ethos of dystopian Thatcherism try and deny it - usually whilst attempting to con the electorate that it is an inevitable precursor to unbridled 'tax and spend' the fact is (we even seem to recall the Establishment Party's Social Security Minister conceding this two years ago) the introduction of a fairer taxation policy including moderate progressive taxation simply has to follow. It is simply mathematical reality. Jersey's substantial problems just cannot be solved by the ideologically driven policy of dismantling Jersey's Public Sector. Similarly, that the email also reveals the new 'opposition' alliance as being adamant that there must be 'No focus on constitutional reform' in the same breath as stating the need to heal the 'divided society' in our opinion leaves us with two statements which are completely incompatible. And yet there are two further serious problems demanding action if the 'alliance' is to make any significant impact as those involved hope.

'Alternative to the PO/IG two-step'
                                                                                                                       Quote from the email

The first is that alongside of the highlighted failure to accept the hard economic reality of what some of the new alliance's commitments will mean in terms of developing policy the potential for any 'opposition' grouping to get near to offering a genuine alternative is - in the final analysis - wholly dependent on numbers. Which begs the consequent question: why has the group excluded working on areas of starkly clear 'common ground' with the aforesaid newly formed Reform Jersey political party? Indeed, just as significantly where are others from outside of the Establishment fold such as Deputies Hilton and Higgins? Surely all who have relevant 'common-ground' must be brought together and worked with for the ultimate goal? Success in securing the necessary numbers here in Jersey we suggest now demands a 'bloc' approach such as used by Progressives in Portugal: individuals or specific parties being free to stand together as an 'alliance' on key issues whilst also maintaining their own identity.

The second factor is a problem which we have to admit we find somewhat baffling. And it revolves around the alliance's planned electoral message quoted above i.e. the alliance being an 'alternative to the PO/IG two-step'. Is there really anyone in the States Assembly today, we ask, who genuinely believes the nonsense that the politicians currently running the Establishment Party show are the pairing of Chief Minister Gorst and the Treasury & Resources Minister? We would have put money on the answer being no. Yet it appears not only does this delusion exist within those driving the new alliance  but that this analytical myopia - far from bringing about the desired new dawn of such ideals as 'people over profit' and 'the redressing of years of economic-socio imbalance' - but a handing of ultimate power to the brothers who are, in our opinion, the biggest threat to Jersey's social fabric since the dark days of the Occupation holding as they will the positions of both Chief Minister and Baliff.

'A Thinking Alliance'...
                                                                                                  Quote from the email
For let us at 'Not The State Media!' spell it out: without the numbers to get behind a plausible Leftist or 'middle ground' alternative further weakening Senator Ian Gorst (worst of all three Chief Minister or not) as the alliance's misplaced targeting of him as apparently being 'in control' can only do - can equally do nothing but strengthen the hand of Ozouf's true string-puller Senator Bailhache. To suggest otherwise would frankly be absurd. Consequently without a swift reconsideration of the problems highlighted above by all concerned in the proposed alliance we at 'Not The State Media!' have to contend that the economic and social consequences for the already hurting middle and working classes of Jersey will - within a short span of years - be dire indeed: probably wholly catastrophic. That Jersey's Off-Shore Finance industry as we currently know it will quickly collapse under external pressures under Bailhache's delusion that a Tax Haven of just 100,000 people can take on the true 'Big Boys' in regard to Treaty compliance is beyond doubt.

Yet paradoxically - and in adopting a wholly detached outlook we have to concede we find uncomfortable to say the least given this is an Island we each love - we at NTSM! believe it to be equally true that in the long term a period of unfettered Bailhachism would also eventually bring about the kind of political opportunities the Left has not had within its reach since the upheavals of 1945. A case indeed perhaps of things having to get even worse before they can get better? True or not wouldn't it surely be preferable that all who understand deep down that there really is a better, fairer way - including the members of the alliance - got together now and thrashed things out?

Not The State Media! 2/9/2014

*No one from the NTSM! team is a member of Reform Jersey


  1. Good to see you back blogging Trevor and to start with a leaked email shows the POWER of the blog's trust.

  2. Hello former Deputy Pitman and Co. Often found you too radical for me but pleased to see you back all the same. Whatever our differences you were certainly a member of the States who had something to say and was not afraid to say it. Perhaps I am being unkind but do I already detect a little moderating influence from your mysterious colleagues? Only time will tell I suppose. Where we can agree completely is in your observation that if common ground exists then this proposed alliance needs to work with any and all where these shared principles can be found. If not then your assessment is surely correct it can only end in failure.


  3. You really need to publish the e-mail in its entirety; then, dissect the contents in a methodical manner explaining to your readers relevant points using your experience and inside knowledge of the States. Make it simple and clear to readers.

    You have made a good start, although your first piece is a little too wordy, the reader is forced to wade through quite a lot of reading with very little fact, more facts please wrapped in less words.

    You may also like to think about having your blog hosted by an offshore server located in a jurisdiction which cannot be got at by the Oligarchy (i.e., ).

    Good Luck to you.


  4. So yet another secret political group! Like we really need another one of those in Jersey? Bound to fail and the only likely winner? Yeah our 1000 year Reich.

  5. Thanks for first comments. Not our intention to publish entire email. At least not at this stage. We will see what develops.

    As to being a 'bit too wordy' while someone else likes my colleagues' drawing back my being a 'bit too radical'- each to his or her own. A learning curve making three peoples' input work.

  6. Too wordy says somebody? You should try reading Stuart's blog but it is still good stuff. Its the message and content that matters. My question is why would anyone risk forming an alliance or any other group where Sean Power is involved? You wouldn't would you.

  7. Agree with Anon at 14:00 above.

    If not publishing full email then blockquotes of extracts and then commentary.

    Also, you might make your banner a little less wide. As it is a single image, it limits the degree of possible magnification of the post/comment text without scrolling every line.

    Good luck.

  8. We need to invest in our public sector not decimate it even further.

    As for increasing taxation its time people opened their eyes to reality.

    Like it or not we are going to have to do this anyway. In Scandinavia they wouldn't even blink.

  9. Thanks Polo. I can see I should have scouted an IT insider instead. That's what happens when you agree to ventures with friends and acquaintances - you have to make do! Only joking peeps.

  10. "Stella Gazelle"? I get it. As in "Sound Pit"? I'll be on the look out for corkscrew hair.

  11. Indeed. 'Stella Gazelle and the distraction I bought her'. Wouldn't be too sure on the corkscrew curls though. Off out now but will check for further first comments later.

    Tanx (as we Bolanites say)

  12. An excellent start Team NTSM!My question to you three would be regardless of this secret alliance do you think any more actual political parties will emerge? It wasn't that long ago was it that even Philip Bailhache was advocating such a development?

  13. Encouraging to see a new blog of evident quality on Jersey political matters. I know it has its place and our police should have dealt with him but I have found it quite dispiriting recently to see so much space given over to covering the warped actions of this Jersey cyber bully.I can't but help think the issue of no one wanting to face up to progressive taxation in the island is this decades elephant in the room. Even a brief analysis of the figures shows us we will have to do it. Yet when anyone dares speak up about this they are met with either denial or angry abuse that they are at the vanguard of the Red Army. I look forward to your next posting.

  14. Good to have you back in another format.

    Can we take it that Power with a capital P is a reference to a certain 'some-one'?

  15. Glad to see a new blog get off the ground. It is a bit too wordy, it was painful to follow it all. Unless one of your writers has the initials SS then there may be hope that you can cut out the verbiage and get to the point :)

  16. Nobody likes paying tax let alone thinking they might have to pay more of it.

    That said research indicated that IF a government can demonstrate to people that it is necessary and/or will improve services they will accept it. This in a nutshell is the challenge groups like the Reform party have to confront.

    Perhaps one of their member Deputies would care to come on this blog and give an appropriate answer?

  17. 'Verbiage'! How very dare you! Let no man or woman say we don't allow criticism on here. But remember - one man's verbiage is another man's literary genius of expression!

    Still, looks like I am writing the next piece alone as it is to do with the Care Inquiry which I am directly involved in. Give you a chance to tell us if it is me?

  18. Not too wordy at all IMHO. Makes a nice change to find someone be it one or three who don't reduce reporting to the dumbed down bones and no flesh of most professional journalism. If people don't like words then I say they shouldn't write. Or even read? Buy a comic instead.

  19. Anon@9.56 I think you are spot on about the public attitude to progressive taxation. Who among us would want to pay tax if there was another way?

    But when the need or benefits are laid out to people common sense - in my experience - sees people saying fair enough.Certainly friends in Denmark had this attitude when we discussed it a while back.

    Difficulty here in Jersey is that people have been spun so much propaganda by the Ozouf Gang and their State Media poodles. When people can understand the difference for example between the huge, sprawling mythological beast of the public sector Ozouf sells them and its true size in relation to others and the job it does their eyes are opened.

    Not suggesting of course that duplication and the age-old little Empire-building, huge top salaries don't still need action but this is very different to what is portrayed.

    I was always prepared to pay more tax than someone who was paid less and I think most people are pretty fair about this contrary to the spin.

    Seems to me that the real objections on progressive taxation come from a few who of those who manage to pay the least in real terms.

    As to your comment about someone from Reform coming on to give their position that is fine by me.

  20. NOT THE SUN! Thanks - you are too kind.However, if I may say so in return your comments have a pithy concision that I really admire. But also find it quite a challenge to replicate. Can't all be so brilliantly Orwellian I suppose! Yes, I just love words and I blame it on reading the brilliant Stephen Donaldson as a youngster.

  21. I presume you want what you write to reach the most people possible. So aim it at them - the majority WILL be put off by longwinded excessive verbosity!

    Keep it short and to the point, and more people will manage to find the time to read it. That's what it's all about, at the end of the day..... not "if you can't be bothered to read it, you don't deserve it" which is elitist and self-defeating.

    You can either have really long posts as a special treat for the in-crowd, or concise and effective communication to the masses - but you can't have both!

    All the best

  22. I agree with the others who say it's too 'wordy'. It isn't an easy read, and the excessive use of elaborate and rare words..Is that a good idea?


  23. To Anonymous @ 2 September 2014 14:51

    Yes, there is a reflection of real genius in ex-Senator Stuart Syvret's words, words that have become a beacon of truth lighting the way for others to see.

    It takes just one good man to stand up holding the torch of freedom for others to truly follow.

    If the City of London Corporation, Crown, UK Government and this islands feudal government think that the abuse of our children can be swept under the carpet, then they are in for a rude awakening!


  24. Hi Trevor. This an interesting piece. Possibly true that it would have been easier for you and your new colleagues to just publish the entire email. But you probably have good reason for not doing that I would imagine? All I really want to make a point on is this. The article is longer than your previous BTJ posts generally, though you certainly did post a few long ones as I recall. That really doesn't matter set against the story involved. It just concerns me a little that there seems to be almost as much a debate about the length of the story as there is about the very enlightening development in local politics you have uncovered. Could this be a deliberate distraction by your enemies? Just a thought we all know how they work now. My advice at end of day. You write well and you probably know this. The same can be said of Stuart. Big words and trying to make people think by what you are writing are fine in my book. I don't want mere sound bites. Just be hard on yourself or on each other at the end and cut out anything which you can see really does not need to be there. Something you could attribute to this new alliance by the look of it? Take care. Sorry for being so long-winded. Chuckle.

  25. What this reveals so tellingly is that our would be opposition in Jersey just can't work together. Too many egos involved. What you say is correct. If common ground exists with other people then it should be grasped. It really makes you despair that the mob in power now will be there forever simply because others can't get their act together.

  26. What a surprise to find that Sean Power seems to be involved in another email betrayal. The sooner we in St. Brelade No 2 can vote him out in October the better.

  27. Right! Thanks to all but this is the end of the 'it is too long' or 'no it is too short' debate. All taken on board and we will try to do better next time.

    As one poster said it is sad to see almost as much debate about writing styles as on the secret alliance issue itself. So further thanks to all who commented already on a blog that is only just up and running. Thanks from all of us for taking the time.

    With regard to 'big' or 'rare' words I must just add that I didn't notice any myself. But there you go.

    My excuse would be a misspent youth reading Stephen Donaldson as mentioned. Hacked Off's is that he/she had to use clever looking words to impress the boss and keep the job.

  28. One more point.

    I did knock back a couple of comments because I felt that though they may have been well intentioned (as opposed to deliberate troll flaming) in criticising another well known blogger this could have been taken the wrong way. Sorry if these were you.

  29. Hi Trevor,
    Welcome back.

    Do you know with any degree of certainty that the email was leaked maliciously?
    Some of the bottom-feeders infesting Jersey politcs have a track reckord for such behaviour in their enthusiasm to engratiate themselves with money and Power.

    IMO the piece is not too wordy, but the quotes and your comment need to be in different colours/fonts or we get "tired and emotional" working out where the quote ends and your comment begins.
    Reading and scanning back and forward would then be so much easier. I could only be bothered to read it once so I may have misunderstood or come away with the wrong impression.

    Don't you welcome this new "opposition alliance" as greatly preferable to the current neo-feudalists?
    Obviously you are not going to see eye to eye on some issues but I got the impression that you were pre-judging them as doomed to failure. Divide and RULE is hardly a tactic they have to use if the opposition (what opposition there is) spontaneously picks fights amongst itself.

    If you welcome this new "opposition alliance" you need to say so clearly, while warning of any potential pitfalls and traitors.

    Better to find common ground and to big each other up in preparation for taking down the real enemy.
    This could be a once in a generation opportunity. The neo-feudalists have seriously overplayed their hand of dodgy legal aces and the independent journalists have laid this bare for all to see.

    Working Jersey and middle class jersey are waking up to the grotesque excesses or the lawyer barons. Middle Jersey is squeezed while they find millions to squander on their pet projects and even distribute get-out-of-jail-free amongst their princes and courtiers.

    There is a hunger for change amongst a better informed electorate but all strands of the opposition need to work together and offer a clear choice amongst all the scare tactics and swill bucket rattling expected at he next election.

    A wider alliances may be forged around a common belief in the rule of justice over shyster-law and in a genuine commitment to the future and safety of children. The far right will try to keep it as a traditional fight between right and left, which will leave them as the winners again.
    For the centre to win it must draw both the left and the right to it and identify it's candidates from the stealth and follower candidates which the far right will field.

    Will the electorate fall for that same old "safe pair of hands" line in preference to the backbone and principle which the island so desperately needs

  30. Hi anon@21.31.

    In answer to your question: no, I am not anti this alliance at all.

    Indeed, while their are individuals like Sean Power involved who I would not cross the road to spit on given his history as a malicious liar, thief, complainant of bogus threatening letters etc..

    There are others - such as Sarah Ferguson who have different political views to me, but who, should I be offered no viable Leftist candidate instead I would vote for happily.

    The reason: she is her own person; isn't a Bailhache butt kisser and has now had her eyes opened to Ozouf's machinations and Gorst's weakness.

    There are also a few others on the mailing list who would be thought of as Leftist/Progressive and who would get a vote even with significant reservations in a couple of cases.

    This actually leads me on to the reasons beyond what is in the article as to why I think it will fail sadly. Out of all those copied into the email only one has not, at some time in the past, not told me directly that they also do not trust Sean Power. Hardly grounds for building trust and a solid collective base.

    A mistrust you might now say in the light of the email well warranted? I remember former Senator Ted Vibert telling me how in the early days of meetings resulting in the setting up of the JDA he discovered Power was apparently feeding back the content of meetings to Frank Walker.

    But we likely agree the so called 'opposition' such as it exists do need to bite the bullet over differences which aren't fundamental or else the status quo will indeed not be changing for some considerable time.

  31. Bean disappointed3 September 2014 at 23:58

    What all of this says to me I'm afraid is about how Jersey politics revolves around secrecy. For f**k's sake even some of the good guys are seemingly now at it!

    If you take all of this on to its natural conclusion what it does also tell us is that agree with them or not Reform Jersey is going about things in the right way. Open and so by definition accountable.

    I will consider voting for one of their candidates simply for this reason.

  32. This 'opposition' alliance could learn a thing or two from Mark.
    All political careers end in failure


  33. Do you know, if you read ex Senator Stuart Syvrtet's Blog posting "POTEMKIN VILLAGE POLICING" you will find the most shocking statement:

    "Sex-offenders in the Crown Offices"

    This is written in the plural, that is to say that there is more than one sex offender in the Crown Offices! If ex-Senator Syvret's statement is true, these individuals are at the very heart of the paedophile beast which still beats in this island.

    A heart which like a great big black spider it at the very centre of this islands feudal government pulling all the strings from the centre of its web of deceit.

    "Sex-offenders in the Crown Offices" explains why we the people of Jersey have not seen real justice for the victims of child abuse.

  34. I'm still trying to find out why my son, who has Asperger Syndrome, was taken along with his classmates in a minibus from his special school for disabled youngster Walton Hall in Eccleshall to Drake Hall Prison for PE lessons without any of us the parents consent or even knowledge.

    No-one seems to care about it, the police dont care, the government dont care, social services dont care.

    I feel frightened most of the time and have felt frightened for years - dont be fooled by my shouty tough as old boots exterior, I feel very frightened. I was abused as a child and no-one cared, nothing has changed despite a load of people, investigators running round pretending to investigate the abuse, God knows what theyre investigating but it certainly isnt the Pindown abuse, no-one cares about it and I know a lot of people would like me to drop dead or be put into a psychiatric hospital and the key thrown away, I know that because theyve publicly said so (Ive left their nasty comments on my blog for anyone who is interested to see, trouble is no-one is interested so thats that then)but I wont let people bully me and terrify me without shouting back at them, I wont fade away like a good little girl, even if other people call me shrill and other nasty things ie what Peter Saunders (liar) said about me being aggressive I AM NOT AGGRESSIVE I AM ASSERTIVE! And he told lies about me to other people telling them I was agressive when I am assertive, and he didnt want to know when I told him about the Pindown abuse and how we've been treated, with utter contempt, he did not care and didnt want to know and called me agressive for trying to tell him about it!

  35. Some days I think I will be still shouting about the Pindown cover up until the end of time, and some days ie yesterday I feel angry with God for letting me go through this horrible cover up, why isn't God doing anything to stop them, ARE YOU ASLEEP OR SOMETHING GOD OR DO YOU CARE MORE ABOUT CHILD ABUSERS AND GANGSTERS THAN THE PEOPLE THEY HURT AND PERSECUTE???


  36. Good to see a new Jersey blog up and running even one with a well established contributor involved. But can I ask two questions please?

    1. Even after a couple of days people I know are trying to guess who your sidekicks in the venture are. Is this a positive or negative thing do you think or is it completely irrelevant?

    2. Do you have any particular plans to publish stories on a regular basis such as a particular day of the week? Or will this happen as a story you all think relevant comes up?

    All the best with this.


  37. 1. Understandable but irrelevant. Readers will understand the reasons as explained in the biographies section.

    2. At present still some debate on this. Publishing each Monday or Wednesday seems most likely at present. Stories would of course be put up as and when if something particularly in need of exposure came up on a given day.

    Hope this helps.

  38. I find that another alliance is being considered disappointing. I don't really consider myself a left-winger as you would but I can still see that a party political system is the way to go. Not because of any ideological considerations either. Just because it is far more accountable and we could get rid of this farce where the States choose the Chief Minister instead of us.

  39. VFC. As I said within a letter I sent of this very evening to the Chairman this decision is not only shocking a more guaranteed way by which to destroy already fragile trust in the Inquiry could not be contrived. Well, unless they asked Birt or the Bailhaches to oversee it themselves.

  40. Neil McMurray is not accredited media, period.

  41. Though your comment obviously had nothing to with the post I only published to save your embarrassment regarding your typo.

    Obviously what you meant to say was:

    'Neil McMurray - of the excellent VoiceForChildren blog which has fought so hard in support of the victims of HDLG - isn't DISCREDITED like Jersey's State Media'.

    Pleased to be able to rectify your slip.

  42. Though your comment obviously had nothing to with the post I only published to save your embarrassment regarding your typo.

    Obviously what you meant to say was:

    'Neil McMurray - of the excellent VoiceForChildren blog which has fought so hard in support of the victims of HDLG - isn't DISCREDITED like Jersey's State Media'.

    Pleased to be able to rectify your slip.

  43. Good to see that nobody is opposing the reality that a moderate form of progressive taxation is needed in our island. perhaps there is hope some people are waking up at last. Over to you Mister Ozouf, Sir.

  44. Neil is accredited to me, that's for sure. I trust his reporting more than the State Media. It is, after all, a matter of opinion, because "accredited" is utterly meaningless if you look into into what people are trying to make it mean - as an excuse to try to keep a lid on these pesky upstart independent reporters trying to actually report the truth for once......

  45. As a resident of St. Peter I think Deputy Nick Le Cornu's comments about Kristina Moore were very ill-considered. Not that I am a supporter of hers, far from it. The bottom line is that we have had no representation from this woman for the better part of two years. Something completely unacceptable in my book. Taking tax payers cash and a lot of it for that long should not be allowed.

    But having said all of this Le Cornu simply should have focussed his observations on how inappropriate it is that a person, any person, who has done nothing for her wages for so long can now stand again. Politicians should have to stand down after six months of ill-health.Instead Le Cornu makes wholly irresponsible comments about her 'faking it like all good girlies'. Utterly stupid and it may come back to haunt him in October. If ever there was a case for not just a hurried apology but a personal statement explaining what I assume he was meaning to say about Deputy Moore's long time absence alone then this is surely it. I shall await next weeks States sitting with interest.

    1. Anonymous. I can only agree. An apology and explanation would be well advised indeed.

  46. I think you may well be right about what would happen if Philip Bailhache became Chief Minister with his brother as Bailiff. Jersey would collapse within years but the worrying thing would be whether the Left or anyone could salvage it?

  47. Completely agree with the anon comment at 19.50.
    Refreshing to read sensible comments here rather than the infantile tripe that can usually be found on thisisjersey website.
    Serious issues that should have sensible debate.The topic that a states member should have so much time off through illness fully paid needs sensible debate.It would never happen in the private sector.The handling of this topic by Le Cornu shows he is not fit for politics.

  48. More news on the Secret Alliance soon - comment from one of those who has been attending meetings. Outlook seems pretty bleak for it coming to anything.

  49. Mr Pitman, how confident are you in Le Cornu's position and whether he should contest the election again? It is the story not just of the day but of the year. Beyond words, particularly coming from someone who professes the notion of fighting for equality. By the looks of his comments, equality isn't for everyone. His labelling of people as homophobic when he didn't get his way and now this. Does it nto signify a deeply concerning approach by this founding Reform Jersey member? My concern is if I vote in St Helier for RJ, how do I know that all wont' be forgotten and he becomes a memebr again?

    Looks liek this candidate has just exploded up in all his supporters faces...

  50. Don't agree it is 'the story of the year' or even the story of the week in all honesty. The Establishment and their lackey msm - State Media - will certainly try to make it so of course.

    As to your question about the Deputy's chances in the election I would not like to hazard a guess. I think it will hinge on his ability to stand on the doorsteps and convince people with his explanation/apology for what happened.

    With regard to his relationship with Reform Jersey you would need to put that question to the party and the Deputy I think.